LMA Manager 2007

LMA Manager 2007 is the eighth game in the LMA Manager series. It was released on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PC.

LMA Manager 2007 is the, as of now, the final game in the LMA football management series. It was released, in Europe only, on the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PC on Septmeber 22, 2006. The game made slight improvements over its 2006 counterpart.


  • Manage in eight different countries, England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and The Netherlands.
    It is the first game of the series to be on the Xbox 360.
    It is the first game of the series to be on the Xbox 360.
  • Over 1,000 teams to manage.
  • An updated 3D match engine.
  • Create-a-Manager, the player can create a 3D football manager avatar.
  • Free season updates avalible online.
  • A slighty updated Transfer Market system.
  • The TV interactive service, Football One, that features game hightlights and football news and rumours in the game.
  • View data and store full player and manager histories for up to 20 seasons.



  • English Premier League
  • Championship*
  • League One*
  • League Two*
  • English Conference


  • Scottish Premiership
  • Division One
  • Division Two
  • Division Three


  • 1st Division
  • 2nd Division A


  • Seria A
  • Seria B


  • Ligue 1
  • Ligue 2
  • National


  • 1st Bundesliga
  • 2nd Bundesliga
  • Liga


  • Eredivisie
  • Eerste Divisie


  • Portuguese Liga
  • Liga de Horna

* = Leagues are fully licensed