Dragon Nest

A free-to-play action MMORPG for PC, developed in South Korea. It is popular in East Asia, and has been adapted into several other media, including a Japanese manga and two Chinese films.

Classes and Specializations


Sword Master - Specializes in sword weapons and doing heavy damage

Mercenary - Capable with a variety of weapons types, heavily armored, primarily functions as a tank.


Paladin - Heavily armored and capable of giving heals and buffs to party members. Functions primarily as tank.

Priest - Most capable at healing and buffing party members. Moderate to light armor, capable as secondary damage output through medium range spell damage.


Acrobat - Ranged damage class capable of medium to close range damage.

Sharpshooter - Highly damaging ranged class.


Elementalist - High damage focused with low armor and health. Ranged spell caster.

Mystic - Crowd control oriented damage class with moderate armor.


Due to its popularity in East Asia, Dragon Nest has been adapted into several other media:

  • Dragon Nest: Shungeki no Sedo - 2011 Japanese manga
  • Dragon Nest: Warrior's Dawn - 2014 Chinese animated film
  • Dragon Nest 2: Throne of Elves - 2016 Chinese animated film sequel