Pro Cycling Manager: Season 2008

The eight game in the Cycling Manager franchise.


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Pro Cycling Manager 2008 features improved racing graphics, a new lighting system, more detailed backgrounds and incredibly realistic rider models and animations. The management aspect also offers more depth and realism due to the new tools and systems available. Pro Cycling Manager once again plunges you deep into the world of professional cycling, with a full complement of official teams, riders and jerseys (Astana, Quick Step, Team CSC, Rabobank, and the rest of the pro cycling teams) as well as hundreds of races, including the 2008 version of the Tour de France.

Track Racing

In PCM 2008 a new feature is introduces that allows the user to experience track racing. Track racing mode comes with three disciplines:

  • Sprint
  • Keirin
  • Elimination

The track racing comes with a new control scheme. The user controls only one rider but have fully control over the riders effort and placement on the track. The track racing adds quick-fire, arcade style racing to the franchise, in both solo or multiplayer games. An ideal escape from the more reflective and thoughtful management mode.

Other features

  • Riders: More textures, over 100 different rider animations. New "feeding" system. “Energizing gel" for a boost before an attack.
  • World: Textures, landscapes and lighting have been enhanced for even greater realism.
  • Database editor: Official Cyanide database editor to create customized game databases.
  • Load times: More than 50% of races have been pre-generated for substantially faster loading times.
  • Teams: Over 60 teams. More than 40 official teams with riders and jerseys.
  • Races: Over 580 real-time races. Including the 21 official stages of the Tour de France.
  • Equipment: New equipment suppliers with equipment viewed in 3D races.
  • National teams: Manage a national team for the world championships.
  • Training: New rider fitness training programme, with easy-to-use interface.
  • Scouting: New scout "knowledge" system and no time-limit on scout missions.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
Processor: 2.2GHz (dual-core recommended) 
Video Card: 128Mb compatible DirectX 9 with Shaders 2.0 support
RAM: 1GB (2GB recommended) 
Hard Disk: 6GB free disk space
Sound Card: Compatible Direct X
LAN/Internet access for multiplayer