LMA Manager 2001

LMA Manager 2001 is the second game in the LMA Manager series. It was released in March 2001.

LMA Manager 2001 is the sequel to the hit football (soccer) management game, LMA Manager. It was released on 16 March, 2001 on the PlayStation. It is based on the 2000/2001 football season.

New Features

  • New country, Scottish leagues are now playable.
  • Updated for the 2000/2001 football season.
  • Full European transfer market.
  • Improved graphics with better animations in the 3D match engines.
  • Expert Mode.

Game Modes

There were not too many new game modes in LMA Manager 2001. Here are the LMA game modes and the '01 game modes;
  • Full Game: Manage a team from either the English or Scottish Leagues. All of the tactical, financial and transfer are up to the user. The game begins during the pre-season friendlies stage.
  • Expert Mode: A harder version of the full game mode. All of the player stats and abilities are hidden from the player. This means the player must scout more and provides a challenge for hardcore fans.
  • Quick Start: This mode is the Full Game mode expect all of the tactical, financial and transfers/contracts are left up to the AI backroom staff. The game beings after the pre-season friendlies stage, letting the player dive straight into the season.
  • Challenge Mode: This lets the player take over a club and the is give a specific challenge. For example, you start with a club with ten games left and must avoid relegation.


Scottish leagues were added to the game, added to the English leagues. Here is the list of playable leagues:
  • English Premier Division
  • English Division One
  • English Division Two
  • English Division Three
  • Scottish Premiership
  • Scottish First Division
  • Scottish Second Division
  • Scottish Third Division


LMA Manager 2001 didn't stray far from the LMA formula. There were not many new features introduced in the game. It was an improvement over the original game but there are still a few bugs. The 3D match engine is very un-realistic., with insane shots and crosses. The game still built off LMA Manager and let the series continue for the last PlayStation and first PlayStation 2 LMA game, LMA Manager 2002.