Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Trapped in the body of a sword robot, survive the trials of the arena!


The story in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone centers around the human player. They are given a robot avatar and sent straight into a robot fighting arena. Tasked with beating wave after wave of combat robots, there is seemingly no way out. Or is there? The player meets a mysterious figure, who offers salvation from this robot dystopia.


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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone's gameplay is primarily sword-based combat, with added bow and jetpack elements as the player progresses.

The damage system is based around voxel models. This allows a combat feedback few other games provide. Sword cuts are represented in real time, with a characteristic "Crunch" and an obvious visual trail of what was damaged, and more importantly, where to strike next.

Enemy types include everything from the basic robot swordsman, to large spider robots who shoot a steady stream of mortars the player's way.

There are currently two game modes: Story mode, and Endless Mode

Endless Mode gameplay is largely similar to the Story Mode, with several added enemy types and heavy level iteration. There are currently 125 unique level layouts across 5 difficulty tiers.

Characters and Enemies

The Human:

The human, knees bent in opening scene.
The human, knees bent in opening scene.

This is the player. Each human starts off with their mind placed into a robot body and forced into an arena with a sword and one energy bar. The name, age, favorite color and occupation is randomized and holds no current bearing on game play, except for favorite color, which will be the color of the human bot, often times the color is displayed as "Help me" Or "WHY".



One half of a dynamic duo that brings much to the game, commenting on how the human preforms or setting up hints about what is coming up in the next round, he has a body and legs and arms, and is more anthropomorphic than his counterpart Analysis Bot.

Commentron often sets up the lines for analysis bot to respond to, he glows red when speaking, wears a blue tie and has red hair. He is also seen wearing a headset. He is probably a parody of many football announcers.


Analysisbot looking quite bashful
Analysisbot looking quite bashful

The second half of the Dynamic duo that comments on the humans performance and gives hints on how to defeat some enemies, often times these hints are useless.

Has an almost loving affection for spider tron, and unlike commentron, anaylsisbot has no legs or arms, perhaps he is enamored with spidertrons many limbs. Analysisbot glows green when talking.

The Emperor:

The emperor in all his glory high above the stadium.
The emperor in all his glory high above the stadium.

Not much is known about this mighty figure, his text is a slight less red than that of commentron, however one thing is known for certain, this imposing figure is not one to trifle with, though analysisbot will often steal his announcing of the difficulty tiers, much to his dismay.