Pro Rugby Manager

Manage all the aspects of a professional rugby team and watch games with the 3D match engine.


With Pro Rugby Manager you can become the manager of a professional rugby club. As a manager you will be responsible for management both on and off the field. You can managed all the official clubs from the English Zurick Premiership, French Top 16 and French Pro D2 leagues or one of the many unofficial clubs from varies countries. Matches are observed and managed via the real-time 3D engine. The main focus of the game is the career mode, but is also possible to play a single game against a CPU or human play, either over the Internet or LAN.


Here is a list of some of the major thing you as a manager must handle of the filed.


You must make sure that your expenses such as salaries, building work and transfers matches you income from sponsorships, ticket sales and TV revenues.

Screenshoot from a 3D match.
Screenshoot from a 3D match.


You can build new training facilities to train your players better. You can build an academy to ensure that new players will be ready. Many other building are available to improve your team in other ways.


You can management the individual training for each player to tailer them to a specific position or you can let the AI handle all the training for you.


You are responsible for resign players or signing new talent to you team. You must also handle the signing and releasing of coaches and staff.


You setup the strategy for every game and watch it play out via the 3D match engine. In game you set the offensive and defensive tactics for the entire team or for the individual player. You can also set up specific ways to handle the opponents players.

Some numbers

  • 35000 players
  • 160 clubs
  • 56 national teams