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Quick Look: Evil West

2022-11-28 26:59 Quick Looks

Yee-haw! Dan punches his way through the West with electric gloves and gameplay straight out of the Xbox 360 era!

Game Mess Mornings 11/28/22

2022-11-28 57:44 Features

Grubb is joined by Andy Robinson to discuss an update to the Microsoft Activision deal, GameStop, and more.


2022-11-23 32:15 Features

Gerald. Betty. Please. Let's get a recap to figure out if this was a loop or not! If you missed it last week the SEASON 1 FINALE of Friday Night Forking is finally here. If you'd like to see more Forking, you can tune into The_Windbag here

Voicemail Dump Truck 49

2022-11-23 12:16 Features

We gathered together a little earlier in the week to discuss what truly makes us thankful. Things like Bee movies, secret handshakes, and YOUR voicemails. Call the Voicemail Dump Truck at (707)EXIT-FLU and you calls might wind up on-air!

ALBUMMER! 65: Rednex's "Sex and Violins"

2022-11-23 10:18

If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe we wouldn't have ever started this podcast. Oh my god there are so many Swedish fake country songs.

Game Mess Mornings 11/23/22

2022-11-23 57:54

Jeff Grubb is joined by Jan today to look at PlayStation's continued issues with the Xbox-Activision deal, God of War Ragnarok DLC plans, Kid Icaus Uprising rumors, and more!

Quick Look: Goat Simulator 3

2022-11-23 53:07 Quick Looks

It turns out goats are capable of driving cars, grinding on powerlines, and transforming into other animals? Jeff Grubb and Jan Ochoa are on the case to become the best goats and are "joined" by another GOAT.

Giant Bombcast 765: Big Corn's Pocket

2022-11-22 23:36 Giant Bombcast

This week we've assembled the unholy trinity (with some special appearences) to discuss Jeff Bakalar's time at AEW Full Gear, Jan falling out of love with Pokemon, Atari 50 being a darkhorse for GOTY, and a roundup of video game news!

Sekiro-Choa 09

2022-11-21 03:29 Features

We're finally BACK with more Sekiro-Choa and this game wants me to do WHAT? Let's see if Jan gets stuck bashing his head against these sword dudes or if he summons his heretical strength and is triumphant. We also have a special guest appearence at the end!

Game Mess Mornings 11/21/22

2022-11-21 53:58 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to break down Google's "Hug" money, Bob Iger and Disney, rounding up the rest of game news, and the Rock's Beef with a video game website?