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Giant Bombcast 750: Quasi-Illegal

2022-08-09 52:13 Giant Bombcast

We're joined by Fanbyte's Michael Higham as he regails us with his experience at EVO 2022, Jan and Grubb dig into Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Street Fighter 6 updates, the third Sonic movie's release date, and even more!

Crunchyroll Expo 2022

2022-08-08 15:58 Events

Tamoor and Lucy (and Jean-Luc) stopped by Crunchyroll Expo 2022 to peruse artist alley, some figurines, be on panels, and immerse themselves in ANIME.

A Very Grubby Stream (08/08/22)

2022-08-08 04:08 Features

Oi, you lot! Mr Grubb is joined by Jan to play some footy and weeb out! And Happy Monday!

Game Mess Mornings 08/08/22

2022-08-08 58:46 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Rachel Kaser to talk about Splatoon 3, Fighting Game Feet, and more!

Unprofessional Fridays: UPF - 08/05/22

2022-08-05 54:48 Features

2002 was a wonderful year for games and we're joined by the authority of all things fun, Russ Frushtik! We take a peak at some Metroid action, some wrasslin', and of course HOCKEY!

Quick Look: The Mortuary Assistant

2022-08-05 55:35 Quick Looks

Jess and Jan picked up a new job at this Mom n' Pop mortuary. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

Quick Look: Two Point Campus

2022-08-05 37:03 Quick Looks

We're re-visiting 2 Point Campus, now that it's out of beta! We party with a BureauCat, sneak around in spy school, and get out massive debt with relative ease. Only in videogames, folks!

Game Mess Mornings 08/05/22

2022-08-05 03:16 Features

Jeff Grubb is joined by Waypoint's Patrick Klepek to talk about Family Sharing, Additional Memory for the Xbox Series S, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 34

2022-08-04 16:48 Features

Gwarsenio and Jordan from ALBUMMER! jumped on the dump truck to answer your questions about corn eating, Sum41, and other assorted oddities.

Best of Giant Bomb: Dear Giant Bomb 007: Swingin' Richards

2022-08-04 13:27 Best of Giant Bomb

In-N-Out. Dunkin' Doughnuts.